Keep it flowing

The rivers and streams of the Colorado River Basin are the lifeblood of western  Colorado and nourish everything that happens here: agriculture, recreation, tourism, and many related businesses. These home waters support the amazing quality of life we enjoy in our West Slope communities.

But mounting pressures, from drought and changing climate to municipal and industrial growth, threaten our rivers and way of life. As we enter a challenging era of scarcity, water users across Colorado recognize the need for smart water management to keep our rivers, communities, ranches and businesses thriving.

To meet that need, Trout Unlimited (TU) and its Our Colorado River (OCR) program supporters have embraced some common  “Core Values,”  including cooperation, protection of agriculture, open space and habitat, upgrading aging irrigation infrastructure and employing innovative water conservation and management practices.

Thousands of OCR supporters asked the Colorado Water Conservation Board to incorporate these values in the Colorado Water Plan—and to their credit, our water leaders listened. The values are now integral to the state’s master plan for our water future.

But the state water plan is still only that—a  plan. The next step is to take the water plan’s good ideas and put them into action. TU supports three key goals found in the water plan and outlined on our “Ideas to Action” page.  Making these ideas a reality is integral to the future of western Colorado.


Water Partnerships Videos

Collaboration is key to our water security. Watch our two new videos from the upper Gunnison and Uncompahgre/North Fork and see what is possible when agriculture producers, sportsmen, and other stakeholders work together on locally driven water solutions.

Our Core Values

Discover the five principles of smart water management that will help secure western Colorado’s water future.