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OUR COLORADO RIVER is a project of Trout Unlimited (TU),  a nonprofit conservation organization of sportsmen and women dedicated to protecting and sustaining our nation’s coldwater trout and salmon habitat.  We have 150,000 members nationwide and 10,000 in Colorado.

Our Colorado River (OCR) is an outgrowth of TU’s collaborative approach to conservation work in local communities across western Colorado. By partnering with ranchers and farmers, local communities and other stakeholders, TU is finding innovative new solutions that meet the needs of agricultural producers while improving the health of the Colorado River and its many tributaries. OCR celebrates and supports these ongoing partnerships and resource improvements. At the heart of the program are the Core Values, common principles for smart water management to benefit Colorado’s West Slope.

Through the support of thousands of Colorado citizens, those values were reflected in the Colorado Water Plan. The Our Colorado River program now seeks to put some of the great ideas from the water plan into action.

For more information on this effort or to learn how to get involved please contact:

Richard Van Gytenbeek

Colorado River Basin
Outreach Coordinator
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