Colorado River Basin Map

Colorado River and major tributaries in western Colorado.

colorado basin map


Rivers Basin Size (square miles in Colorado) Annual Average Discharge out of Colorado (MAF)*
Yampa 7660 1,509,00
White 3750 526,300
Colorado 9916 4,440,000
Gunnison 7800 1,839,000
Dolores 5849 437,000
San Juan 4320 1,665,000

*MAF=Million Acre Feet. One acre foot of water is equivalent to the volume of water that it would take to cover an area the size of one acre (43,560 sq. feet) at a depth of one foot of water.

Currently in Colorado there are 30 transbasin diversions moving up to 600,000 AF/year to the East Slope.

Statistics are approximate values and derived from multiple sources.