OCR-Core Values signatories submitted to the Colorado Water Conservation Board

January 12, 2015

On November 19th the current list of OCR-Core Value supporters was presented to the Colorado Water Conservation Board at their regularly scheduled meeting in Berthod, CO. They were asked to incorporate the Core Values into the new Colorado Water Plan. The Board verbally supported Values #1-#4 which speak to cooperation, protecting open space and wildlife habitat, upgrading aging irrigation infrastructure and smart water management. Core Value #5 advocates for the prohibition of additional, environmentally damaging trans basin diversions of water from the West Slope to the Front Range. The Board acknowledged that TBD’s will be an ongoing topic of discussion and debate for our Basin Roundtables and the IBCC. The OCR program will therefore continue to gather support for the Core Values to request the CWCB not to employ any new, environmentally damaging diversions of West Slope water to meet supply gaps on the Front Range. Thanks to all of our supporters and please encourage others to support healthy rivers and streams in Colorado, by adding their names to the growing list of Core Value supporters. Click on the link below to see the CWCB submittal.

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