Colorado River Update

Trout Unlimited’s Our Colorado River Effort and the Colorado Water Plan

November 22, 2013

Thank you for endorsing the Our Colorado River core values. By supporting the values, you have joined a group of individuals, businesses, organizations and elected officials that support healthy rivers and streams, the life blood of western Colorado. That support will help to inform Colorado’s Water Plan (“CWP”) and ensure that smart, balanced water solutions that protect agriculture, fish and wildlife resources, and rural communities are included.

As you may already know, the OCR website includes additional background information on the CWP and how you can be involved. If not, check it out at You can also go straight to the source and view the CWP website and acquire CWP comment forms at

At OCR, we encourage all Colorado citizens to get more involved in the CWP planning process. As the CWP seeks to balance statewide water supply and demand, the health and integrity of our rivers and streams must be protected. Ensuring healthy water resources also ensures that our agriculture, recreation, tourism and business sectors—and the western Colorado communities that rely on them—remain strong into the future.

The best way to get involved is through your basin roundtable (BRT). The BRTs have worked for years to identify water uses, quantify water supplies and formulate strategies to meet future water needs in each of Colorado’s major river basins. This inventory and analysis work is now complete and being transformed into Basin Implementation Plans (BIP). These BIPs will collectively inform Colorado’s Water Plan. If healthy rivers and streams are important to you, attend a meeting and make your voice heard. Tell your roundtable that you support healthy rivers and streams because they are integral to a healthy environment and sustainable communities. Tell them you support the Our Colorado River core values.  Remember, the members of the roundtables are your neighbors, and they need and want to hear from you. If you are unable to attend a meeting, you can provide written comments using the forms provided on the CWP website.

Periodically, OCR will be providing email updates and news about the CWP, as well as other important developments in the Colorado River Basin. If you would like additional information on the Our Colorado River program please contact Richard Van Gytenbeek, the Colorado River Basin Outreach Coordinator for Trout Unlimited, at info.

Thanks again for your support of smart water planning and healthy rivers for western Colorado!

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