Water Partnerships

West Slope water users, from ranchers and municipalities to conservationists and recreation businesses,  have a lot to gain by working together to meet water needs and maintain healthy rivers and streams. Trout Unlimited partners with ranchers and farmers, irrigation companies and others to implement projects that benefit agriculture while ensuring healthy rivers.

Our partnership projects with agricultural producers have stabilized stream channels, improved fish passage, upgraded aging irrigation infrastructure, and enhanced stream flows. To see real examples of our collaborative work with agricultural partners, check out the following videos. “Every Drop Counts” shows how innovation is improving water systems and river health in the upper Gunnison and “No Time to Waste” highlights cooperative projects in the Uncompahgre/North Fork valleys.

Every Drop Counts – Partnering for a Secure Water Future


No Time to Waste


Landowners Guide

Interested in a stream restoration or irrigation diversion upgrade project on your land? Contact us to see what could be right for you. Another resource is TU’s Colorado Landowner’s Guide to Stream Restoration — a primer on stream restoration projects on private land. Find out if a stream project is right for your property.

Download here or read online below.